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Purple Carrot Concentrate

Gam zeh ya'avor

16 January 1981
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I am the Oatmeal Queen, but really, call me E.

I am an aspiring artist living in... *looks around* ...Northern Virginia, just on the border of Washington D.C. I have a multitude of secluded little fandoms that I carefully allot myself which is subject to change at the drop of a cat. (srsly) However, I'm always open to random bouts of artistic inspiration, regardless of where they come from. X)
I'm also an aspiring writer (OMG), tho more for my original stuff than any existing fandom.

I'm a Sailor Moon fangirl by birth, fav character being Chibiusa (you heard me)
I'm also a Star Trek nerd by birth, but mostly for TNG. Because Picard is my hero.
I love Fullmetal Alchemist, and am a big fan of Alphonse Elric *smishes the armor*, but my favorite character remains to be Olivier Armstrong.
I enjoy the show Supernatural, and am a Dean girl all the way. But can easily be tricked by Sammy puppy eyes. Or a wide eyed Castiel head tilt. Man do I love this show. Holy shit does the fandom scare me
I draw art, and I draw slash. YES, these are different things.
I am also a writer, but only if provoked.
I'm planning on someday bearing Ewan Mcgregor's babies, whenever he feels it necessary to ask. Or isn't looking. (oh it's coming...and i'm patient.)
And finally, I'm an enormous dork for Hello Kitty (Charmmy in particular) and will probably never grow out of that.

-Angel Jules Studios (my con-attending studio of crazy)
-The Trials of Raphael (my original, in production story)
-A tunnel to the moon (self explanatory)
-Be mocked or generally made fun of personally (all in good decency of course) by the following:
  • Kevin Smith - teased, made fun of the way I spoke and made fun of the spelling of my name on 4/3/2000
  • Bruce Campbell - mocked, teased and accused me of being a spy on 11/15/2008
  • Jon Stewart

    At home, I'm a traditional artist by nature, and enjoy using mediums that force me to pay attention without an 'undo' button. A -big- fan of copic markers and ink brushes :3 but I hardly limit myself to just that. The majority of the time I draw in a distinct manga-ish style, but have been known to try out comic books styles as well. I draw what I love, but unless you know me or I'm in a SERIOUSLYAWESOME mood, I don't do commissions. Possibly art-trades, depends on who's asking u.u

    I'm approachable and friendly :F so don't be afraid to comment or ask questions about ANYTHING AT ALL. Seriously, amuse me.

    Not that this was really all that interesting, but there you have it. so have at it.

    Our father, who art John Winchester, badass be thy name. Thy gun be drawn, thy will be done, on earth as it is in hell. Give us this day our daily ammo, and forgive us our trespasses, as we fuck up those who trespass against us. Lead us not into destruction, but deliver us from evil.

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